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Look around you. No matter where you are, chances are you are surrounded by everyday objects that contain springs. This unassuming yet vitally important element of engineering is essential for products ranging from pens, cellphones, and computer keyboards to medical instruments, vehicles, and aircraft.

And here's the good news. You can source any type of spring for your products from an established company in India. At Ayyappa Springs, we are experts in customizing springs right from the most delicate versions to heavy-duty ones.

With years of experience in catering to various industries, we understand the complexities involved in crafting springs to precision.

We utilize high-quality materials and advanced equipment to manufacture springs that surpass your expectations.

Choose from a wide range of materials and mention your requirements like shapes, sizes, and load capacities and we will take care of the rest. We strive to deliver on time, every time so that you receive the best product.

Working with us is also a great way to support the "Make in India" initiative and boost the growth of our economy. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how we can meet your spring manufacturing needs.

Mission & Vision

I am on a mission to help 1 Lakh Machinery Manufactures get long-lasting tension-free high-quality springs using our Customised Springs Research Lab.

Our Founder

Mr. Jayan S.K.

Mr. Jayan S.K. feels extremely blessed to have ventured into this field since he discovered that this industry is his true passion. He preserves to explore more in the realm of springs, gain valuable knowledge about emerging industry trends and utilize this updated information to create better and more durable versions of springs, thereby benefiting customers across a range of industries.

Under the capable leadership of Mr. Jayan, proprietor of Ayyappa Springs, the firm continues to surge ahead with high-grade products and precise-engineered spring versions. He strives to keep ahead of international trends in the industry and incorporates the latest technologies to create products that surpass expectations.

Today, Ayyappa Springs is one of the most trusted names in the industry, capable of manufacturing springs in any specification. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, and on-time delivery, Mr. Jayan envisions expanding Ayyappa Springs to global heights and creating a niche in the international industrial springs market.

Spring types we offer

Compression Springs

These open-coil helical Compression Springs are widely used in the automobile and textile industries. The springs are also standard in stone-crushing machines. According to how springs are manufactured, they can be used in different modes such as independently fitted within holes or set over a guide rod.

We are experts in customizing high-quality compression springs of any dimension for all kinds of industrial uses based on the needs of customers. Contact us to customize springs of industrial types, and we will offer you impressive results at incredible rates.

Die Springs

Die Springs are extensively used in the automobile industries and are indispensable for heavy machinery assemblies. As leading industrial spring manufacturers, we use the highest-quality materials to manufacture Die Springs in any dimension ranging from open-end and closed-end to flat springs and square springs.

No matter how heavy the load or how high the temperatures are, we are specialists in crafting industrial springs that offer excellent results under extreme conditions. Buy springs online from us and we assure you will receive products far superior to the ones you would find anywhere else.

Tension Springs

Tension Springs that connect two components in machinery are generally used in automobiles, textiles, and manufacturing industries. These springs are also useful for the proper functioning of farm machinery, garage doors, and an assortment of industrial machines.

At Ayyappa Springs, our springs are made without compromising on quality or efficiency, so that you receive products of international quality and reasonable rates. If you are wondering how to buy springs for your products, we have the resources and expertise to create Tension Springs exactly as per customer specifications.

Conical Springs

Conical Springs are similar to compression springs but differ in shape. Also known as cone springs or tapered springs, these industrial springs are manufactured with increasing or decreasing diameters, giving them the shape of a cone. Automobile suspension systems feature conical springs to reduce shock and ensure smoother rides. Conical Springs are also in high demand among firearms manufacturers to facilitate the impeccable firing mechanism of weapons. These are also widely used in push buttons and battery contacts.

If you are considering buying springs online, do take a look at our extensive selection of conical springs that can be customized to meet your demands. We promise you high-grade, customized conical springs with high stability and minimum vibration.

Torsion Springs

Available in an array of different designs and used widely across multiple industries and products, torsion springs and their types exert a rotary force on components attached to their two ends. This helps return the components to their original position once the rotation is complete. Torsion Springs are one of the most easily identifiable ones in everyday objects around us ranging from clothespins, clipboards, and manual vegetable choppers to hair clips, clock springs in vehicles, and mechanical watches.

No matter what specifications of Torsion Springs you require in terms of body length, number of coils, outer diameter, winding direction, leg orientation, and wire diameter, we have the technology and expertise to create customized commercial and industrial springs that will surpass your expectations.

Flat Clamp Springs

Just as the name suggests, Flat Clamp Springs are crafted from flat strips of steel and are designed for applications such as mounting procedures in limited spaces. Also known as leaf springs, these are generally used by interior decor professionals for plastic moulding or for fixing small components such as lighting elements.

As leading spring manufacturers in India, we are skilled in customizing flat clamp springs in different dimensions to suit the needs of various industries. Choose Ayyappa Springs to buy springs online and we assure you the highest quality customized springs that will work perfectly for your needs.

Wire Form Spring

Wire Form Springs come in many forms including u-type and r-type. These springs are notable for their lock system which is useful across a range of industries such as automobiles, fabrication, and plastic manufacturing.

We are equipped with advanced technology to manufacture wire form springs as per client specifications. If you are looking for industrial springs of international standards, we can take up orders on any scale and provide you with high-grade products.

Double Torsion Springs

In these types of springs, two torsion springs are merged to function as a single unit. While one of the coils is wound in the clockwise direction, the other will be directed in the counterclockwise direction with a bridge connecting the two.

Double torsion springs are broadly utilized in agricultural and textile industries in addition to a range of different types of machinery. As established spring manufacturers, we can customize double torsion springs according to customer specifications.

Door Lock Spring

Door Lock Springs are used exclusively for door handles. When the spring is compressed, the door bolt is unlocked. And once the spring is released, the bolt will automatically snap shut.

Door Lock Springs will usually feature 2 or 2.5 turns depending on customer specifications. These springs can also be customized to the exact thickness required by customers. We have the technical expertise to customize door lock springs to meet your requirements.

Tensioner Torsion Spring

These springs are a different version of torsion springs with smaller sizes than the usual torsion springs. Take a look at your clothespins and you can spot these tiny springs. Another use of these springs and their types is in belts used for 3D printing.

Let us know your requirements and we will manufacture Tensioner Torsion Springs as per your requirement. As leading spring manufacturers in India, we create premium quality springs that earn excellent reviews and customer satisfaction.

Drilling Spring

Just as the name suggests, Drilling Springs are widely used in drilling machines. Also known as spiral springs, these spring types are also found in weighing machines and measuring tapes.

We are reputed spring manufacturers in India offering you precision-engineered spiral springs crafted to meet your specific demands. We utilize the finest quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to offer optimum springs that withstand the most rugged conditions.

Spring Clamp

These clamps are extensively used to clamp wires, fabric, metal plastic, or wood. Spring clamps are especially utilized to affix power chords in ships. Our spring clamps are great for holding woodwork projects, clamping stop blocks on fences, and for multiple purposes in home improvement applications.

Precisely manufactured as per international quality standards, our premium clamps are suitable for heavy-duty tasks as well. Contact us to customize Spring Clamps in any size and shape. We assure you our products will stand the test of time.